Scrolling Through Activism: An American’s Thoughts on Social Media, Politics, and Entitlement

I saw the article but I didn’t actually click on it. The headline gave me all the information I needed. “ISIS Claims Responsibility for Palm Sunday Church Bombings in Egypt.” The blurb under the headline told me how many are dead. I went back to scrolling through my Twitter feed.  We had all hoped that after the election in November our lives could be normal again. My Tumblr could go back to being mostly pictures of dogs, and every stat


Requiem for the Deferred Desire: A Comparative Reading of the Works of A. Ramachandran and Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In 1989 Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote one of his grand novels, ‘The Major in his Labyrinth’ based on the life of the ageing conqueror Simon Bolivar who spends his time in a hammock, fighting torturous mosquitos in the hot and humid weather of Bogota. In 2004, the great Columbian novelist who had lived on this earth to ‘tell a tale’ came out with another masterpiece, this time in lesser length and was titled, ‘Memories of My Melanchol

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