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কি দেবে বল ? (ki debe bolo?)

Sushruta Ghosh
Presidency university

-ফোড়ন in cooking is not my topic here. So, here are three of those crazy late-90’s hipsters – Baggy, Billyboy and Rasput #allrascalsteam 3Pennyhot’ntaughts. .

11.45 PM. Sitting on Dadu’s Munchies Corner Baggy daydreaming sprayed weedsmoke over the first baseline.

Billyboy: It was this Sunday and a man kept shouting “Ill Douche is coming back’’. .

Rasput: Wait a minute! Is there an allusion to that Muso-Muso guy – the Fanatic?

Baggy (still daydreaming) : Malena – woah !

Billyboy: Muso-Muso the humongous. .Last time he smashed someone’s head with a pocketknife . .

Rasput (picking his nose) : haw-haw-haw. .

11.47 PM. Baggy dreamingdaredreams asks a question which could have been the center of debate for over a thousand years to come. . .


[Erm. . Nobody took him seriously]

. . .

With the fearful possibility of Ill-Douche A.K.A Muso-Muso the Fanatic, Headsmasher coming over, the three hipsters kept on doing their thing.

The sky is still magical with the purple haze and undertheskirt greenhouse gas stations. The moon looked blue as ever. Night with its pointy fingers gobbled all light –

Take 1. No, seriously?

Take 2. Well, seriously?

Take 3. No way!

Take 54. Umm. . okay.

The World was prophesied to agglutinate lifelessly. Slow morbidity had determined the truth in status of things. . Many of the rooms were dark accommodating apocalyptomaniac people who went on fulfilling #tonightsallthatmatterscarnalappetitestuff.

11.50 PM. Lady C was restless in her apartment exactly like that dreadful age of 6 when she had felt fingers moving all over her.

The Chanel halfused sits pretty on the dask. This she-poet takes her poetry to the stage – ‘Well all ye gentlemen and women, I have some offensive stuff here’’ – she throws her stoll, stamps on the cigarette-butt and starts again coughing . . “ Auf wiedersehen to inequality? Rama a God no less but Sita a pregnant discarded woman . . A line earlier restricted her passages and sealed her respect Aye! Aye! Aye! Public consensus Rajah must abide by . . WHY? ”

11.57 PM. Baggy: Risk refers to situations in which the outcome is not certain, but where the probabilities of the alternative outcomes are known or, can at least be estimated. Uncertainty is present where the unknown outcomes cannot even be predicted in probabilistic terms, that is, it refers to contingencies against which one cannot protect oneself on ordinary insurance principles. Meaning however is always differential not referential. Humph. . . [Baumol?.. Oh yes! Si!]

Rasput (baffled): What?

Billyboy: Man, you need to forget Malena’s hipswings.

Baggy: Woah! [Puff reeking..] Forget it. Ouch.

The omniscientreader thinks, “Hey this is so misogynistic!” Meanwhile Sheela and Munni attend orgy for the #dropoutsculturalfestival.

00 AM. Howdyhow we come straight back to a screeching sound one, two, tuning and now – ‘On the stroke of the midnight hour when the world sleeps [Euphemistic way of saying #y’knowwhat. .] . .

Dhhishckkaoww. Lady C struggles on the passageway with the bullet wound on her right chest . . her brain is playing Dylan-on-heaven’s door. Rumor was that her poetry started to direct itself against The Supreme One Phoney-baba the Capitalist. Shot dead by his henchmen, she went down the d-r-a-i-n a la Yesenin, Mendelstam, Robert Desnos, Walter B. , . , . ,

On the brink of complete insanity the #allrascalsteam, Ill Douche, #the dropouts, Lady C and Phoney-baba all come to inhabit the infested mind of নীলকন্ঠ the Schizo. And when Shakespeare thought of the title ‘As You Like It’ . . After 40 days and nights of rain all meaning got washed away into oblivion. YOU, hey YOU, find the meaning and inform us what it means. Stop. How to use -পাঁচ

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