Scrolling Through Activism: An American’s Thoughts on Social Media, Politics, and Entitlement

By Claire Winslow

  I saw the article but I didn’t actually click on it. The headline gave me all the infor...

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'Requiem for the Deferred Desire: A Comparative Reading of the Works of A. Ramachandran and Gabriel García Márquez'

By Jonny ML

In 1989 Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote one of his grand novels, ‘The Major in his Labyrinth’ based on the life

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Mani Ratnam & A.R. Rahman – A 25 Year Legacy!

By Upamanyu

Upamanyu Bhattacharyya celebrates in posters the evolving partnership of music and the art of storytelling between the two legends— Mani

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Looking Back and Beyond ‘India’s Daughter’

By Leslee Udwin

  1. Looking back, what were your expectations from India's Daughter before it was released?And when it was released, and

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'The Intolerance of Gender and Identity'

By Suresh Jayaram

“If they see Breasts and long hair coming They call it woman If beard and whiskers They call it man

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" Bauhaus and Santiniketan: Two Models of Art and Design Education, Impact and Implications"

By R. Siva Kumar

Bauhaus and Santiniketan: Two Models of Art and Design Education, Impact and Implications Siva Kumar   The Bauhaus and Kala

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'Need to Keep Equal Distance from Majority Intolerance and Minority Intolerance'

By Johny M L

"Artists in India, time and again have proved that they are not real intellectuals like the historians, scientists, writers and

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BeingSalman: The upcoming book of Jasim Khan


There can be no doubts about the fact that Jasim Khan’s upcoming book Being Salman is going to make it

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