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Facebook (or the weather piano). A non-standard furniture music

No one is quite sure how the weather piano was truly created. Some say that its origins began with a re-thinking of the relation between the body and mind within time and space. There were several references to the ancient Greeks and the utterances from the oracle at Delphi, and the reminder of the ancient Greek word for timing, kairos, and its modern connotation, the weather.


This was all very good and well, as those who engaged the weather piano began to pluck its digital strings. If the weather piano had some sort of Greek philosophical heritage, it was perhaps in the reminder that once, the pre-Socratics proclaimed that philosophy was the most beautiful of musics (this was when the strings linked to the piano peddles of casuistry were made of an ivory poetics of elephant-tusk theoretics that made Lacanians blush). Furniture and music were no doubt both social in their aims…as for the weather, that’s perhaps another matter. But as for the weather piano, it tried to follow the meters and rhythms of the kairos. It strived to steer and re-orientate the utterances of existence.


The weather piano was also claimed by some to come from those crazed, mad geniuses who believed that music could also be furniture. Something one used to become relaxed, comfortable, and where one could enter into a state of relaxation and spiritual ecstatic massage memory where concepts of cushioning and melody were intertwined.


And then there is the rumored harmony of the Hamlet algorithm. You will know it by its calculated displacement of temporal geo-philosophical re-engineering. If Hamlet was a conceptual persona that was a self-aware narrative construct of temporal and sexual distortion of a transversal theatrical and virtual/actual immanent desiring machine of despair and melancholy, then the furniture music of the weather piano, whether played by the Hamlet algorithm or the Kierkegaard mix-tape spam  of fear and trembling from Denmark, the harmonies of the weather piano, of the melodic cybernetically plucked string utterance of kairos were nevertheless suspicious as well of the role the so-called conceptual persona Bill Shakespeare had in the whole process.

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