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Father and Daughter Film

Some films are unforgettable: We keep watching them again and again for their impact on our mind. Here I want to tell you about a film like that and also about my feelings after watching the film. The film is ‘Father and Daughter’. ‘Father and Daughter’ is a 2000 Oscar-winning Dutch animated film, directed by Michael Dudok De Wit. It is very emotional and heart-touching. The runtime of the film is only 8 minutes 30 seconds. This film had brushed down the sweet and eternal relation between each and every father and daughter. The film was silent and there was a simple and light music which varies according to the mood of the characters are drawn by hand. The figures were not anything more than a suggestion of human bodies. But do not think the film is dull.


Here I try to put down the plot of the film. The film opens with a father and his daughter on a wide Dutch landscape. The father said goodbye to his daughter leaving her on the place and went away rowing his boat. The daughter shook her hand to say goodbye. Then she returned home. Then year after year passed away. She became a lady and later on she became an old woman. But longing for her father did not decrease. Each and every day she did not forget to go to the riverbank to see whether her father had returned. But her father returned no more. The film can be seen as a metaphor of life. Here ‘father’ leaving on a boat signifies his death and the waiting ‘daughter’ also signifies always thinking about him throughout his life. Anyway, in the dry riverbed she found the wreck of the boat. She fell asleep on it. At dawn when the sun rose, she could find her father. Then she was not the woman, she was then the little daughter of her father. So once again she got her father near her. Thus, father and daughter re-united in heave


Isn’t it a great film? I think it is obviously. I could not check my tears after watching it. Before watching the film I could not believe that such a short film like that could be able to express the depth of the relation. The film perfectly expressed the deep love very neatly without any dilly-dally. To tell in one word it is an extra-ordinary film.


I was marveled to see the expression of being grown up of the little daughter to the old woman. He used to decrease the speed of her cycle to express the expression of growing. When she was an old lady, her patience and power have lessened down. It was shown as she cloud not keep her cycle upright. In fact, the director is the smallest bits act to suggest the bigger truths of life.


Sometimes trust or love can give us the answer, when theory becomes dull. Here this is perfect for the understanding of the film. To the cursory view of consideration the daughter can not get her father in her life and we may say that she gave away her life. But it is not the complete explanation of this film. She was traveling in the after life to see her father once again. Her love was too strong to fail.

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