Tinpahar Internship

Internship Program:

Tinpahar is launching a new internship program in order to recruit young and talented people with a flare for editorship and creative journalism for our website. We

are looking for college/university students (or students freshly out of the university) with degrees in any Humanities discipline. Students from disciplines of Science

may apply if they feel they have a keen interest (and rudimentary academic knowledge) in art, literature and/or music. Candidates must be willing to invest [the

required amount of time] in the least, since the website aims to recruit the interns for permanent editorial and managerial positions in the future. All candidates

must be fluent in speaking English and possess excellent writing skills. Knowledge of at least one other Indian language (preferably Bengali or Hindi) is highly

desirable, and knowledge of a third language is an asset. [provide details of internship – nature of work, incentive, hours, etc. We need reviewers urgently.

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