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Newton’s 2nd Law: May claim itself to be a communist one!

Sreyan Ghosh
Chemistry Department, Visva-Bharati

Sometimes it is better to take part in a debate and sit at the corner of the room gazing at those people who almost start crying in order to establish their views. This is even more effective trick when the topic of the debate is a controversial one, one that does not let us conclude with complete satisfaction. Such a topic is the existence of God, which is blamed for the anti-gravity phenomenon observed in Einstein’s hairstyle!!!

If you ask a person, “Do you have faith in God?” the answer will be delivered within a moment; faster than it takes him telling lies to his (or her) partner. But do we really think about the answer before delivering?

A few months ago, I witnessed a debate about the existence of God. To be ‘smart’ enough, I admit that all my ideologies were hammered time to time. Then I made up my mind to work on this fact. Whatever I write either right or wrong, should be viewed as a child’s wish to taste wine; despite knowing of its sourness, still wants to taste it. The rest of this article that follows was written after ‘wasting’ evenings in one of our Professor’s cabin and arguing for the existence of the Almighty! So when a devotee, after reading this article, decides to attack me with a gang of priests, don’t attack me only; there are other persons involved in this conspiracy against Lord!!!

Now let us move to the discussion about the guy who was removed from The King’s School at the age of seventeen and he found himself in a farmhouse in Lincolnshire. Well, before you think rubbish of me, let me say whom I am talking about. I am talking about Sir Isaac Newton. He has appeared in this in several disguises!! He was at first a great scientist. Then he came as SI unit of Force. Professor Shanku’s cat was named after him. And you know what!! Even public schools are named after him. I am sure that Newton would ask for another birth to see these things. Well, again derailed!! So we were about to discuss Newton’s laws. I would not like to state all the laws assuming that anyone who reads this article knows these three laws. Now let us concentrate on the second law.

The mathematical form of this law is F=ma, where F is the net force acting on a body
m is the mass f the body
a is the acceleration developed.

Now we believe that Lord is someone who helps us in crisis. If we give him gifts, pray to him for 6-7 long hours, he will help me. But is it so?

As my work says (not my mind, it is still in dilemma), if a ball is taken and a force is applied on it, then some acceleration will result in it. Now let me carry out this experiment twice; same ball, same magnitude of force. Then can acceleration in first observation will be different from that in second observation? The answer is “No”. At least, no one has ever observed such a case. And if anyone observes such an anomaly then please let me know. I want to get rid of this dilemma. Think about the ‘Communist’ Law denying the existence of god while I think about an experimental setup to convince you all. I‘ll be eagerly waiting for your responses.

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