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When one of my student-friends asked me to contribute something for the Student’s Journal, initially I nodded positively. But when I began to key in my reflections in my laptop, I hesitated as to where to start from… Finally I decided to start from where I am situated in the present social conditions…

Before entering into it, I shall make it clear that there is a common narcissism in the academic world that if one is to be considered as a scholar in a particular field, then that person has to speak or to be the master in the jargon and parlance of that field of study; that the person should not speak in the ordinary common human language to explain things. I am not against jargon and parlance of a particular field of study, but I am trying to be conscious that it should never be a hindrance in reaching out to the common masses. However, after years of internalisation of the proclaimed virtues of a scholar, I am still struggling to present my views in the language of the common man. One may witness such glitches in this write-up too. So please bear with my jargon if you find it highly nauseating… Secondly, this write-up has been constructed with vociferous subjective tones. Those who have fascination for ‘objective’, emotionless and sterile presentation of views, please do not go further. For, it may irritate you highly… I am sorry for that.

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