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Slip of the Hand

Nicholas Flamel was indeed a real person – a French scribe who lived in the 1400s and really did lead people to believe he created the Philosopher’s Stone.


A popular export of Japanese culture.


Romantic involvement.


Principles of motion.


The moment you realize there could be a suburban war.


Dog DNA has qualities that make dogs particularly prone to diversification. There are repeat sequences in their DNA that the number of repetitions greatly affect major traits like snout length or size. This is why new breeds can be produced in relatively few generations.


Try their famous cherry pies and have a “damn good cup of coffee.”


YogSothoth, ShubNiggurath, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Yig, Cthulhu.


Skid Row.


Zeus, Leader of the Gods, married his sister-wife Hera.


The legend follows a young woman born without the ability to feel fear.


Her breasts were an accident. The original proportions were increased due to the slip of a hand.


The decade ended with the hippies traveling cross country for Woodstock, where they played music, did drugs, had sex and camped out for several days.


The red carpet is 500 feet long.


Val Kilmer was backpacking in Africa and happened to be camping for the night in a bat cave when he was offered the part of Batman.  He took it as a sign.


The metaphor of the lion as regent is useful here.


Blank storefronts and secret side entrances.


Each reality is formed by the decisions we make and those we don’t make; so basically what you haven’t done you already did.

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