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SmallTalk with SpaceBehindTheYellowRoom

“What can you call Bengaluru band Space Behind The Yellow Room’s [SBTYR] eight-track debut album, Conversations That Determine A Life? It’s certainly rooted in the atmospheric, progressive build-ups commonplace to post-rock, but there’s so much more that escapes compartmentalization on this album.”


– RollingStoneIndia

How would you outline your journey to your musical realization?

SBTYR : It’s pretty concise really. Four guys confused each other into doing this.

What is the thought behind the band’s name?

SBTYR : The Space Behind the Yellow Room, is the space behind the sun, from where one can observe the larger picture.

Apart from post-rock itself, what other music inspired you? Would movie scores be one of those?

SBTYR : I don’t think post rock really inspired us much. There was a lot of random indie stuff, electronic, space rock. Yes, movie scores very much actually.

You’ve mentioned earlier that your music is all about “breaking the structure”, straying away from the usual norm of verse and chorus. The genre post-rock recognizes itself with that thought. So would you say that your music happened to fall into the genre or did you consciously include the nuances of post-rock?

SBTYR : It’s all bull. We play what we want. People call us what they want. Everyone’s happy.

What kind of feeling would you want to inspire in your listeners through your music?

SBTYR : It depends very much on the content of the music entirely. The album was about power struggle, in and out of being at peace with oneself, confusion. All about different parts of the story.

Your work seems to have translated itself beautifully as a band, but have all of you always been on the same page with the nature of your music?

SBTYR : I’ll tell you a secret. But, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone okay? We’re never on the same page. We all arrive at the same page.

What about electronic intervention?

SBTYR : Is it all just live instruments or do you use DAW too? We use samples when required. Electronics are great. But, then again, we use it sparingly.

Has being under influence contributed to better understanding of the kind of music that you make? (We all know it is called space-rock for a reason)

SBTYR : Under influence. Ooooooohhhhhh.. DRRRUUUGGGGGGSSS!!! Lol. Lel. NO. Being thoughtful has contributed to a better understanding of the kind of music we make. Also, that’s not why it’s called space rock.

Name your favorite artists from the genre. We want to know who all make it to Space behind the Yellow Room’s Post-Rock Top 5.

SBTYR : In the genre, the old 30 Seconds to Mars is waaaay up there. And So I Watch You From Afar definitely. Some of those Mogwai type bands too. But, I think that Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black are tied for 1st position.

Like Shoumik has his own project DiscoPuppet , do the rest three of you also have plans about starting your own projects?

SBTYR : We have many secrets. This is one of them.

Any inter-country tour plans in near future?

SBTYR : Hahahahaha. Getting decent gigs in this country is hard enough. Inter country we will think about later.

What do you think about the current situation of India regarding alternative music?

SBTYR : See, just like in everything, India is confused as fuck. Same applies to music. Sab pagal hai.

Name some of your favorite Indian artists.

SBTYR : Hoirong, F16s, Sulk Station, The Circus, Until We Last, Castles in the Sky, 30 Ton Capacity, Goddess Gagged, Kuru Circus.

Are all of you from Art/Design schools? In what ways does your Design school education help you?

SBTYR : We are all from the same art/design school in fact. It helps us a lot. It teaches us how to apply thought to better our understanding of the music we make.

Your favorite track of SBTYR so far?

SBTYR : There is this one track. But we haven’t made it yet. Will tell you if and when we do.

Apart from music, what are your top five interests?

SBTYR : There’s four of us. So, that’s top 20 interests. Such interest, much deepness. Half of us can read, we eat, we like consuming liquids, we like the idea of naked people, and we don’t enjoy sleep much.

Your #1 music tip/ words of wisdom?

SBTYR : There’s not much wisdom from us wise asses. Just, make things. Original things. Not Pink Floyd recycled.

Quick Facts about SpaceBehindtheYellowRoom:

The band members are Shoumik Biswas (Drums, Vocals), Nihar Apte (Guitar, Vocals), Devasheesh Sharma (Guitar) and Ehsaan Sood (Bass). Past member- Tushar Ganguly (Bass).

• Started in 2012

• Genre Post Rock/ Space

• Albums Conversations that determine a life

• Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology alumnus

• Recommended Tracks Beautiful Repetition, Miscommunication, God is a little boy, Teach him to dance, Fight! Fight! Fight!

Interviewed by Shramona Maiti and Rai

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