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This too in the name of Tagore!

The following is a post from Chandrima Das’ Facebook Wall –

“Last night a group of unidentified men (and possibly women) gathered in front of my home at Santiniketan ‘in protest’ against the recent VB decision to scrap internal quota. ‘In protest’ they hurled stones at my house, shouted abuse and also ‘in protest’ alleged that my father is still a part of the university administration because he wants a job for me at the varsity! Listen you lot of morons, and some of you must be on facebook, I doubt you’ll know where Jadavpur university is situated, but still let me tell you, I cleared an admission test to get into JU and successfully completed my course. Chances are slimmer that you will know what the West Bengal College Service Commission is, still know that I cleared a job interview competing against 1000+ candidates. I have been teaching for the last three years at one of the best colleges under CU , and all without any ‘paternal’ intervention. Unlike you all, I am not a loser. What Visva Bharati does is entirely its internal matter, but what you do in front of my house is my matter. I don’t know what my parents will do, but if there happens to be a repeat telecast of yesterday’s performance, let me assure you I will go from pillar to post to see the end of this matter. I would really like to know the opinion of all my friends who have been debating for or against this reservation issue on this incident.”

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